Multi-child registration discounts

TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues and TeamSnap for Business organization administrators on the classic version of our registration feature can easily create multi-child discounts.

For TeamSnap for Business users on the latest version of registration, please see Creating registration discounts and coupon codes.

Note: Percentage discounts are not currently supported. You will need to calculate the dollar amount you would like deducted instead.

Multi-Child Discounts - per Participant

To set up a discounted fee that will be available for each participant when two or more are registered at the same time under the same form, you can set up an Advanced Fee under your Participant Fees > Advanced Pricing.

Enter the discounted amount that you want to charge--not the amount of the discount--in the Value field. The Value of your Advanced Pricing fee will be available to registrants in place of the original fee. To add this discount to the registration form, please find instructions under the Participant Fees guide Add Advanced Fee section. 

Multi-Child Discounts - per Registration

To set up a one-time discount that applies once per-family/ registration, you will want to go to your Form Fees tab and start by setting up a $0 registration fee.

  1. Add a $0 fee to your Form Fees section, and Save.
  2. Click  Advanced next to the new zero dollar fee.

  3. Click on +Add Fee Adjustment green button. 

    1. Starting Date: To start discount right away, place in today's date.  If you would like a date in the future, update to a future date.
    2. Number of Registrants: Add in "2 "for 2 registrants, 3 for 3 registrants, and so on.
    3. Name: Add in the name you would like for this discount.  For instance, for 2 players, you can add "2 Player Discount", and so on.
    4. Value: Add a negative amount for the discount amount you would like to apply.  For instance, if you would like to have a $50 discount if two players apply, then for Amount apply -50, and so on.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat steps 3 to 8 for each adjustment you would like to make.  An adjustment will need to be made for multiple number of registrants.  For instance, an adjustment needs to be made for 2 players and then another for 3 players and so on.
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