Tournament Day Tips & Troubleshooting

Your tournament is today, or maybe a few short days away... congratulations! Here are some tip and tricks to ensure your tournament is a success!
This guide was created to help you run your tournament. Need to download a checklist version? No problem! A PDF version is available here: Tournament Success Checklist

During the Tournament - Tips & Tricks


  • Scores can be entered on the mobile or web application, by both tournament admins and scorekeepers. Further details here!

TROUBLESHOOTING TIP If scores have been entered for teams, but teams have not moved on to bracket play, check each division to make sure that you have selected Advance Teams to Bracket. This will move teams to the appropriate slot within the bracket.


  • Results will begin to populate as you enter scores, just like magic
  • Learn how to manually adjust rankings, and more, in this help article


Communicating During Your Tournament

  • Want to send a message to your entire tournament, or a select group of teams? No problem! Here we explain how you can message in a snap.

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