Credit card declined

This article is for Team Owners that are having issues with their credit card when trying pay for their team's plan. If you are a parent and your card was declined for an installment payment click here for instructions on updating your card information.    

Did you receive a message that we were unable to bill your credit card? Don't panic we won't turn your team features off after your first notice. We will attempt to  re-bill your card 7 times in total.

If the last attempt is not successful, your team will be switched to free. You will then need to log into your account via the  web application and  update your card, you will then need to pick your team plan once more. 

To update your card, please click here and follow the instructions to update your card. Once your card is updated we will attempt to charge your card again in the later that day. When your payment has processed successfully you will receive an emailed receipt.

If you are entering an address for a new card and our system is not accepting that address, please double check that the address is the same as the address your card company has on file for your account.

If your postal code, zip code or your cvv number are not being accepted be sure to backspace to the beginning of the text field before entering your information. White spaces at the beginning of the zip code/post code or cvv text box may cause an error.

Remember no dashes or spaces are needed in your card or postal code when entering in your account.

Note: Only team owners can purchase a plan for their team. Team owners pay for the features for their team. Roster members do not need to pay to use the features of their team's plan. Plans are per team not per account or per member.

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