Roster Generation in Your Registration Form

Attention: Updates and improvements coming soon - please read the information below for important details!

Auto-Rostering will soon be renamed Roster Member Generation. Currently, auto-rostering allows you to identify divisions or teams that members should be rostered to in a pending state once they have completed their registration. The existing functionality of this is available in 3 places within your registration form, each of which has it's own checkbox to activate auto rostering where you can select the rostering destination for your registrants. If you activate all three, the system will auto roster based upon your most specific selection. This will change with the coming updates. Roster member generation will be available in one place within your registration form to simplify the process. It will be located in the Participant Fees section. 

Here's the rundown of current steps with notes on what is changing:

  1. Open your registration form in Edit Mode 
    1. Click the form name then Edit this Registration Form or click the Admin button and select Edit
    2. If you haven't created it yet you'll want to follow the steps in Start a New Registration Form
  2. Decide where you want your auto-rostering to take effect 
    With the update, roster generation will be available in one spot. The setting will be removed from Instructions & Activation and the Participant fee option section. The setting under Participant fees will allow you to select the checkbox to generate rosters, with the team or division placement field becoming available under the fee option section.
    1. Form-level (where someone who simply completes the form will be rostered)
      1. Click Instructions & Activation
      2. Select the checkbox for Auto Rostering
      3. In the dropdown that appears, select the destination division or team where registrants will be rostered
      4. Click Save
    2. Fee-level (where someone who registers under the specified participant fee will be rostered AKA more specific than form-level auto rostering)
      1. Click Participant Fees 
      2. Click Edit (if you haven't created a program yet check out Add a Registration Participant Fee to set that up)
      3. Select the checkbox for Roster Member Generation
      4. Click Add Option
      5. Enter fee option title, amount, and capacity
      6. In the Team or Division Placement dropdown, select the destination division or team where the participant will be rostered
        1. Optional: Select the checkbox for creating the roster in pending status if desired
      7. Click Save
    3. Participant Fee option-level (where someone who registers under the specified participant fee option will be registered, AKA the most specific selection)
      1. Click edit for the desired fee option (if you haven't created a participant fee or program options yet, jump to Set Up Registration Participant Fee )
      2. Select the checkbox for Auto Rostering
      3. In the dropdown that appears, select the destination division or team where registrants will be rostered
      4. Click Save
  3. Click Save

That's it! You can activate roster generation for multiple participant fee options on the same form, all with different destinations. 

Attention: If a registrant selects multiple fee options that qualify for roster generation, a roster profile will be generated for the registrant for each fee that is selected.

What's Next

Once registrants complete their forms and submit, they will be automatically rostered to the destinations you have specified. Registered participants that have been placed on a team will be immediately active and available unless you chose to place them in a pending status. Those placed in a division will be placed in active status and ready to be rostered to teams. You will need to Publish Pending Roster Assignments when you are ready for any pending team placements to be activated. If you later decide to delete a team or division that was used as an rostering destination before publishing pending rosters, the pending member assignment will remain so that you can reassign them to an active destination.

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