No Registration Roster Member

If your Completed Registrations list shows that one or more of your participant names are gray and not hyperlinked/clickable, that registration entry does not have a generated a member role. A participant that does not have a member role can not be found under the Rostering or Members tabs, and can not be assigned to a team until a member role is generated. This guide explains why there may not be a participant member role, and how you can still generate one. 

Why is There No Roster Member

There are four reasons why a registration entry may not have a participant member role.

  1. The registrant did not select a fee for that participant before checkout.
  2. The fee selected is not configured for Roster Member Creation. If you want to generate participant roles and assign players to team rosters, you will want to make sure your fees are set up to create roster members. 
  3. The Registration has an ACH payment in Authorized status.
  4. The participant role was generated but has been archived or retired. 
  5. The registrant data has not yet synced with the Members tab (use the Sync Members button on the Members tab to sync manually)

How to Generate a Participant Roster Member

If you'd like to generate roster profiles for registration participants, showing No Roster follow the steps below: 

Before You Generate

Before you generate your roster member, you may want to first check any Registration Fees to make sure they are configured for Roster Member Creation. This will auto-roster/assign profiles when you create them. If you do not want to have your member profiles auto-assigned to divisions and teams, you can skip this step, jump right to Generating Roles below, and later use the Rostering tab to assign member profiles to divisions or teams. 

Member roles will be assigned based on these settings when they are created. If the registrant did not select fees for their participant, you can edit the registration entry to add the appropriate participant fees for roster member creation. If you select more than one member-creating fee for this participant, the form may generate a participant role for each fee.

If you do not configure fees for member generation, you can still use the generate roles using the options below, and member roles will be generated as unassigned at the organization level. 

Attention: A registrant must select a fee to autogenerate a member profile at checkout. This fee can be a zero-amount fee. Without a selected fee, a member profile can not be auto-generated and must be generated by the Commissioner using one of the options below. 

Bulk Generating Your Member Roles

You can generate member roles for all registration entries in bulk by selecting the + Profiles button at the top of your Completed Registrations list. 

If you need to move/reassign any generated member roles after bulk generating, you can do so with the Rostering tab. 

If bulk-generating member roles result in unwanted duplicates, you can delete or archive redundant member roles.

Generating Individual Member Roles

You can generate individual member roles under the Admin column with these options: 

  1. Go to the Completed Registrations list for the Registration form. 
  2. In the Admin column hover over the Snap Action icon '...' corresponding with the Participant
  3. Clicking the + Profile (Participant Name) button 
  4. Now you'll see the Participant Name hyperlinked to the Members tab, and these participant member roles will be searchable under the Rostering tab. 
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