Archiving a season in TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues

Administrators with appropriate permissions can archive seasons upon completion. Archiving retains crucial data from the current season while commencing a fresh one. This practice enhances the organization and management of team records across multiple seasons.

Attention: If you have upgraded your account to TeamSnap for Business, you must archive your seasons there.

Key points to consider

  • Irreversible action: Archiving cannot be reversed. Ensure you have made all final changes to your season’s data, including checking your rosters, closing your registration forms, and that your financial records look right before proceeding with the archive.
  • Access limitations: Archived seasons are only accessible from the browser version of TeamSnap, not the mobile apps.
  • Archiving historical seasons: Historical seasons for TeamSnap for Clubs that have migrated to TeamSnap for Business must be archived in TeamSnap for Business.
  • Permissions: Only admins rostered to archived teams or divisions can modify archived data.
  • Features: Archived seasons mirror the features of the current plan.

Options for archiving

  1. Archive by an entire organization season:
    1. Recommended for season conclusions, transitioning to new phases, annual events, or routine data management.
    2. Please note that registration forms remain open unless manually closed. 
  2. Archive by division season: 
    1. Suitable for preserving a single division while keeping others active.
    2. Optimal when retaining team data isn’t necessary for the new season.

How to archive an entire organization season

  1. Log in to TeamSnap.
  2. Click the organization name under “My Organizations”.
  3. Access Settings and then Seasons.
  4. Click Archive Full League.
  5. Name the completed and new seasons, optionally copying division and team names.
  6. Data like schedule, roster, photos, messages, statistics, payments, and registrant data will be archived.
  7. Click Archive This Season and Start a New Season.

How to archive a division season:

  1. Log in to TeamSnap.
  2. Navigate to Settings and then to Seasons.
  3. Click Archive Division.
  4. Select the division to archive.
  5. Name the completed season.
  6. Optionally copy division and team names for the new season.
  7. Archived data includes schedule, roster, photos, messages, stats, payments, and registrant data.
  8. Click Archive this division.

Accessing archived seasons

  • Archived seasons are visible in the Show Archived Seasons section on your TeamSnap Dashboard.

  • An grey or orange bar marks archived seasons for easy recognition.

Quick recap: TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues season archiving

Archiving completed seasons in TeamSnap enables effective data management and organization for future seasons. Remember, archiving is irreversible, so a meticulous data review is important before initiating the process. Whether archiving an entire organization season or a division season, understanding the key considerations and following the outlined steps ensures a seamless transition to your new season while retaining vital historical data.

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