Move Organization Team Data

Whether transferring independent teams under your organization, or restructuring for a new season, sometimes you want to move team data from one team or division to another. Teams themselves can not be moved from one division to another, moved between seasons, or merged into other teams. However there are a number of edit options at your disposal!

Moving Players Between Divisions or Teams  

You can remove player profiles from any team and reassign them to a different team or division by using your Rostering tab. Here is how: Assigning Members to a Division or Team

Rename Division or Team   

You can rename divisions or teams if you want to keep a team/division structure, but under new labels.

  • Divisions can be renamed using the action dots in the Divisions Admin column:
  • Teams can be renamed under the team's Manager tab.

Archive Division or Team   

Archiving lets you remove data from your active season and store it in a past season. Any time you want to clear out a bulk amount of data from your active season without deleting it completely, archiving is a good way to go. Here's the guide on all of your Season Archiving for Clubs and Leagues options. 

Retire or Delete Organization Team   

Retiring or deleting is a fast way to remove a team from your active season without generating a new season. If you have duplicate teams, and one of them is empty, you'll probably just want to delete that empty team. Just make sure not to delete information that you want to still have access to! Retire or Delete Organization Team. 

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