Unsubscribe Member Email

Scenario: Your member wants to stop hearing from you. How do you make sure they no longer receive email communications? Your options vary depending on the kind of email your member has been receiving. 

Member Self-Unsubscribe

Members can manage their own email-receiving options for any message sent to an active team-assigned profile by logging into that team and editing their member profile: Enable / Disable Email Address. They can Unsubscribe from TeamSnap Newsletter or Promotional Emails via the unique unsubscribe link at the bottom of the received email. Members can also reach out to TeamSnap support and ask to be completely removed from all communications. There are two kinds of emails that members can not manage their own settings for:

  • Messages tab emails sent by the organization to a role the member does not have access to edit, because they either have not been invited, or the role has not been assigned to a team. 
  • Registration emails sent by the organization to registrant login-addresses.

Messages Tab

Your Messages tab can send emails to active email addresses listed on roster profiles in that season. Any email address with the box checked "Receive Emails" will receive messages sent to that roster profile member. To remove an email as a send-to option, you can either delete or un-check the "Receive Emails" box for the email address where it appears on member roles in your organization.

The most thorough way to search for an email address in your organization, is to pull and search the Organization Roster Export.

Attention: Archived season email options work the same as active season email options, and must be individually managed per-season. If you unsubscribe a member in your active season, but they are still set to "Receive Emails" in the archived season, they will receive emails sent to them in that archived season. 

Registration Emails

Registration emails do not have an unsubscribe option. The only way for a member to not be sent an email as a registrant is for the organization to not select them as a recipient. For this reason, Registration Emails are also the most common emails to be bounced or blocked by email providers. It's best to use the Registration Email option sparingly for registration reminders, and use the more robust Messages tab for season communications. 

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