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Email Organization Members

This article covers how to use your organization Messages tab to send emails to your entire organization, select teams or divisions, or unassigned members within your organization. 

Who Receives Emails?

Your Messages tab can send emails to active email addresses listed on roster profiles in that season. Any email address with the box checked "Receive Emails" will receive messages sent to that roster profile member. Your Messages tab allows you to select categories of roster profiles based on roster profile member type and/or profile assignment.

Note: Currently, messages sent from the league or division level will only be displayed in the mobile version of TeamSnap for recipients.


  1. Log into TeamSnap from a web browser
  2. Enter your club or league under the My Leagues section of the Dashboard screen
  3. Click the Messages tab
  4. Click Email [League Name]
  5. Enter your message subject and the body of your email
  6. Optional: Select alternative email from your profile to send the message from (applicable only to admins with multiple active emails listed on their roster profile)
  7. Select the message recipients
    1. Select the checkboxes to select the full divisions(s) and/or team(s) you wish to email
      1. Optional: Click Select All to automatically select all teams and divisions within the organization 
    2. Optional: Select a subset of members from your selection to email
      1. Select Everyone to send the message to all roster members on the selected teams 
      2. Select Managers to send the message to members with manager permissions on the selected teams
    3. Optional: Select Email all commissioners to include your commissioners 
    4. Optional: Select Email members not assigned to a team to include members that are in "Not Rostered" status 
    5. Optional: Select Send a copy of this email to myself to include yourself as a recipient
  8. Optional: Click Add File to add an attachment to your message
    1. You can add multiple attachments to an email message, the maximum combined file size is 20 MB. 
    2. The functionality to send or view an attachment is not available in the mobile app.
  9. Click Send Email

Note: Messages sent from a division-level Messages tab will only go to profiles assigned to that division. If you send a message to "members not assigned to a team" while on a division-level Messages tab, the message will still show as 'sent' from other organization Messages tabs, but only profiles that are located in that division--from which the message was originally sent--will have received that message. 

To learn about your Registration tab email registrants options, click HERE!

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