Using Registration for Donations

Registration forms are most often used to gather player information and allow registrants to select specific fees, but they can also be configured to allow members to submit donations. Here is how to set up a registration form for donations:   

Creating a Donations Registration Form 

  1. Create a new registration form in your organization.
    1. We recommend using the Basic registration form template for donation forms.
  2. Add any registration form fields for any additional information you'd like to collect for these donations using the Form Overview tab.
  3. Use the Instructions & Activation tab to providing clarifying instructions.
    Note: Since registration form sections and required fields are generally used for collecting player info and can not be renamed, you can use the Instructions & Activation tab to clarify that this is a form for donations. 
  4. Create a Donation Fee using the Form Fees tab.
    Note: Unlike Participant fees, Form Fees are not per-participant, do not generate member roster profiles, and include an "Allow Registrant to Set Amount" checkbox. 
  5. Set whether or not to absorb processing fees for your member donations using the Payment Methods & Transaction Fees tab.
    1. We recommend absorbing fees for donation forms, to ensure that the payment amount your donors see on the checkout page matches their donation amount.
  6. Share the Public Registration Address to allow members to submit donations.
    1. We recommend posting the link on social media, via email and text, and adding the link to your organization's public website.

What's Next 

  • Registration Form Fees do not generate member roster profiles, so any information collected in fields on your Donation Form will only be visible in your Registration Exports.
  • You can use your Email Registrant options to contact donors and/or send thank you messages.   
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