Using Chat Reactions for Team Polls

Need to survey your team to see who wants to go to Dairy Queen? Maybe you need to gauge interest in switching Tuesday practice to another weekday and want to know which day works best for your players? Try out chat reactions as a polling option and get the answers you are looking for! Chat reactions are available in the latest version of the TeamSnap mobile app on iOS and Android when using team chat or direct/group messaging. Here's how polling with reactions can work:

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Yes/No Polling

Post a Yes/No question and ask members to react with either 👍 or 👎.

Screenshot of team chat with emoji reactions.

Multiple Choice Polling

Pose your question in chat with instructions for members to react with a specific emoji (there are six options available) to correspond to the answer they want to give

Each reaction that is added will display the number of times it has been selected. You can also tap the reaction icon below or long press the message (tap and hold) and tap View Reactions to see who reacted and which emoji they reacted with.

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