Using Chat Emoji Reactions

Emoji reactions provide a quick and easy way to respond to messages posted in team chat and direct or group messages in the latest version of the TeamSnap mobile app. 

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Emoji Reaction Key

πŸ‘   "Good" or "Yes" πŸ‘Ž   "Not Good" or "No"
πŸ˜‚   "LOL" or "Joy" ❀️   "Love" or "Heart"
πŸŽ‰   "Party" or "Celebrate" πŸ˜„   "Grin" or "Happy"
Plus, depending upon the sport selected in your team settings, you get sport emojis! (not available for all sport selections)
⚽️ πŸ€ 🏈 ⚾️ πŸ₯Ž πŸ’ 🎾 πŸ₯

Add a Reaction

Up to 6 reactions can be added to messages in team chat, direct, and group messages.

  1. Tap the reaction icon or tap and hold the message you'd like to react to
  2. Select the emoji reaction you'd like to use

The reactions that you've added will be highlighted in blue.

Remove a Reaction

Tap the reaction you added (highlighted in blue) to remove it from the message.

View Message Reactions

Each reaction that is added to a message will display the number of times it has been selected. You can also view who reacted and which emoji they reacted with.

  1. Tap the add reaction icon or long press the message (tap and hold) 
  2. Tap View Reactions

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