Remove Team Manager or Organization Commissioner Access

The time may come when a manager or commissioner role must be removed from a member. A commissioner profile cannot be deleted while the profile is set to a commissioner, so when a commissioner member profile must be fully deleted, you first must remove commissioner access.

Remove Team Manager Access

  1. Click/Tap the Roster tab
  2. Click/Tap member's name
  3. Click/Tap Edit
  4. Deselect or Toggle Off Manager Access
  5. Click/Tap Save

Remove Organization Commissioner Access

Commissioner status can only be removed from a member by the organization owner. The organization owner profile cannot be deleted, so if the ownership of the organization needs to be transferred, please contact our support team.

  1. Click the Members tab
  2. Locate the commissioner profile in the member list or by using the search
    1. Tip: Use the dropdown next to search and select Commissioners to filter the list down to those with commissioner permissions
  3. Hover over the Actions ... button for the desired member and select Manage
  4. On the member profile screen, hover over the Actions ... button and select Edit
  5. Deselect the Grant org editing capabilities checkbox
  6. Click Save
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