Website Builder location link page doesn't exist

Your TeamSnap Schedule modules can include a column of Location links. If clicking on a Location link leads to a page that says  "Sorry! That page doesn't seem to exist," that means a required default page has been deleted. Never fear: It's easy to recreate. Here's how it works!


Location links always go to the same slug. The slug is part of the url right after your domain that specifies the page. 


The Location link always navigates to your domain + the slug  /location  When you click that link, the location ID is auto-added at the end, and populated into the location module on that page. If the page with the /location slug is deleted, you can reach the "Sorry! That page doesn't seem to exist." If your /location slug page was edited instead of deleted, and has content on it that you don't want to lose, you will want to rename that page and change the slug in order to create a new /location page that only has the location module on it. 

Here is how to recreate the required /location page.

Create Location Page For Schedule Module Link

  1. Log into your Website Builder tools at 
  2. Select Pages on the WordPress toolbar. 
  3. Click Add New
  4. Title your new page "Location"
  5. Click Launch Page Builder for this page. 
  6. Drag and drop a Location module onto the page, and click Save. Do not configure this module.
  7. Click Done and Publish, to make this page go live. 
  8. Reload the page to confirm that the URL includes the /location slug
  9. Tip: Default TeamSnap domains are formatted Custom domains will not include 

That's it! You can go back to your Schedule module and click on the Location link to admire your handiwork. 

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