Archive Your Team Season

This article describes archiving for teams. For club & league archiving, read this: Archive Sports Organization Season

Note: Season archiving is available only for accounts with teams on paid plans, and can only be performed by the team owner (for independent team accounts) or club/league administrators (for club/league accounts) on the web app (this function not supported in mobile apps).

Changing seasons? Experiencing slow load times? Need to reset your team's W/L record? Season archiving may be the answer. Season archiving will save a copy of the outgoing season and create a new season with options to carry forward roster and other needed data. Read more: What is Season Archiving?

Stuff That Gets Archived (Unless You Decide to Keep It)

These items are brought into the new season and cannot currently be selected to archive:

  • new payments (WePay)
  • locations
  • opponents

These items are available for selection to bring into the new season. If not selected, they will be archived with the outgoing season and cleared for the new season:

  • schedule (games/events/availability)
  • rosters
  • refreshments
  • classic payments (PayPal)
  • media
  • messages
  • statistics
  • *TeamSnap Live (TSL) (Game/Event Chat Data) will be archived and inaccessible
  • *Team Chat Data is not archived and will be carried over to the new season by default 

Archive a Team Season

Warning: Team archives are permanent and irreversible. If you aren't sure if you will need information from your archived season, please make sure the correct selections are made for any team data needed for the new season.
  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click your roster name below the team name to enter the team site
  3. Click Manager tab
  4. Click Seasons tab
  5. Click Start a New Season button
  6. Enter Completed Season Name and New Season Name
  7. Make selections for any existing data to be carried forward to the new season with the Event to Start the New Season
    Note: Once processed, games or events that were archived with the old season cannot be brought to the new season. If your schedule includes games or events for your current season make sure to choose the correct date selection here.
  8. Click the Archive This Season and Start a New Season button

The archive will process and after a few minutes, the new season will be available. The archived season can be accessed on the web (not mobile apps) on the TeamSnap Dashboard screen by clicking the Show Archived/Retired Seasons at the bottom of the My Teams section. If you don't need the new season, you can delete the new season's team that is created from the archive.

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