Draft Email Messages

Did your game start before you had time to finish your email? Distractions happen, we have all been there!

In this article we'll walk you through the steps to Create a Draft Email and Locate Draft Emails. 

Note: Draft emails can only be saved and accessed from the TeamSnap web application. Draft emails are not available on the TeamSnap mobile applications. 

Create a Draft Email

Team members can create and save draft emails by following these steps

  1. Login to TeamSnap from a web browser (Drafts cannot be saved or sent from the mobile app)
  2. Navigate to the Messages tab > Emails 
  3. Click the + New Email button 

  4. Type your subject, compose your message, etc.
  5. To save an incomplete email as a  draft click the Save as Draft button at the bottom of the email 

Locate a Draft Email

When you are ready to complete your email and send it, simply go back to the Messages tab> Email tab, and click on your Sent box. Your draft email will be in this box, labeled with a pencil icon and Not Yet Sent.

Click on subject line to open the email dialogue box.  Make any necessary changes, then click the Send Email button to deliver the email to your team. 

Auto Backup Feature

As you compose an email message you may notice that you periodically see Auto-backup Saved. To be clear, this is not a draft email. 

What's the difference between the Auto backup feature and a Draft? 
The Auto backup feature saves the content of the email to the local memory of your web browser, not to the TeamSnap database. So this auto backup is only available if you are using the same computer and same browser.

When you start composing a new message, or start editing a draft, if there is anything that was previously auto-saved, you will see it when you compose a new email, however, this auto-save is not permanent. If the you start composing a new message, that will override the previously auto-saved message, and that previously auto saved message will be lost.

We recommend that as you work on composing emails within your browser on the Messages tab to periodically save your message using the Save As Draft button. 

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