Send Email Messages from TeamSnap

Note: The functionality to send or view an attachment in an email is only available on the web version of TeamSnap, it is not yet supported in the mobile apps.
  1. Log in to TeamSnap from a web browser
  2. Click the Messages tab
  3. Click Emails
  4. Click the + New Email button 
  5. Enter your message subject and the body of your email
  6. Select the message recipients
    1. Only team members with their emails enabled to receive messages on their roster profile will be available for selection
  7. Optional: Click the Add File button to add an attachment to your message
    1. You can add multiple attachments to an email message, the maximum combined file size is 20 MB. 
    2. The functionality to send or view an attachment is not available in the mobile app.
  8. Click Send Email 
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