Setting Up a Registration Waitlist

While there is no specific waitlist functionality currently supported in TeamSnap, many organizations place a registration cap on the main registration form, and create a separate basic form asking for name, email, and parent information (if applicable) for registrants to complete if the main registration has reached its cap. 

Organizations can create a corresponding waitlist division to assign the waitlist participants to for easy communication about when the main registration has openings available.

If/when registered participants do drop to create openings for waitlist participants, organizations can either choose to re-open the main registration form and select players from the waitlist to register there, or take the first registered players from the waitlist form and assign them to teams. The benefit of having waitlist participants re-register through the main form is that organizations can gather all the necessary information via the form vs having to manually complete the participant's member profile and request required documents, etc separately.

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