Receiving Duplicate Email Messages

Receiving multiple copies of the exact same message from your team? Follow the troubleshooting steps below. 

  • Is your contact information listed for separate roster profiles? If so you should expect to receive more than one copy of a message.
    • Turn off automatic reminder emails for games and events for one profile by adjusting your Personal Notification Preferences. Just be sure to interact with the profile you would like to modify when making the change by paying attention to the Viewing As in the upper right. 
  • Is your email address or mobile number listed more than once on your roster profile. Tap or click on the roster profile for your player. If your contact information appears multiple times, Update your Roster Profile by deleting the duplicates. 
  • Duplicate roster profiles for you or your player. Request your manager remove the duplicate.
Note: You have the ability to disable your email address and/or phone number on the roster profile. Just know that when disabled, you will not receive any messages sent to the roster profile at all. 
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