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TeamSnap members can send emails from the Messages tab on both the web and mobile applications to active email addresses listed on roster profiles. Any email address with the checkbox "Receive Emails" selected will receive messages sent to that roster profile member.

Note: Emails are cleared from recipient inboxes within TeamSnap after 90 days, while remaining accessible in the recipients' external email provider inboxes and the sender's TeamSnap outbox indefinitely.

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Send an Email (web)

Attention: Messages composed on the web are occasionally auto-saved to the local memory of your browser. This means that if you leave the message then return using the same browser, you will see your auto-saved content. This does not create a saved draft of your email. If a new message is composed, the next auto-save will overwrite the previous auto-saved content. To save your email so you can return to it later using any browser or device, use the Save as Draft button.

  1. Log in to TeamSnap from a web browser 
  2. Enter your team or organization site
  3. Click the Messages tab
  4. Click Emails 
  5. For team emails: Click the + New Email button
  6. For org emails (org admins only): Email [League Name] 
  7. Enter your email subject and the body of your message
    1. If desired, format text using the built-in toolbar. Club & League customers have access to organization-level formatting options that include headers, font styles & sizes, inline images, tables and paragraph alignment.
    2.  If you are copy+pasting from another source, you can paste without carrying over formatting (to format using the integrated options) using Cmd+Shift+V (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+V (Windows) 
    3. A hard return (Enter) will result in double spacing. For single spacing, use Shift+Enter.
    4. To insert a link in your message, highlight the desired text and click the chainlink icon in the formatting toolbar. You can then enter or paste the URL you'd like the text to link to.
  8. Optional for org admins: Select an alternative sender email from your profile (applicable only to club and league admins with multiple active emails listed on their roster profile)
  9. Select the recipients 
    1. Only team members with their emails enabled to receive messages on their roster profile will be available for selection.
  10. Optional: Click the Add File button to add an attachment to your message
    1. You can add multiple attachments to an email message, the maximum combined file size is 20 MB. The functionality to send or view an attachment is not available in the mobile app.
  11. Optional: Click Save as Draft if you need to save your email to return to later
    1. Draft emails are listed in your Sent email list, indicated by a pencil icon with "Not yet sent" for the send date. Click the subject line of your draft email in that list to reopen and finish it. 
    2. Draft emails cannot be saved or sent from the mobile app.
  12. Click Send Email 

Attention: For club and league account emails, messages sent from a division Messages tab are only sent to profiles assigned to that division. If "members not assigned to a team" is selected, the message will be marked 'sent' from other organization Messages tabs, but will have only been sent to the profiles assigned to the division the message was sent from.

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Send an Email (mobile)

  1. Open the TeamSnap app
  2. Tap your team or organization name (org admins only)
  3. For team emails:
    1. Method 1: Tap the Messages tab 
      1. Tap Emails (iOS) or the orange plus (+) button and tap New Email (Android)
        Screenshot of the email message option on Android.
        Screenshot of email message option on iOS.
    2. Method 2: Tap +Email icon (iOS) or the orange plus (+) button and tap New Message then Email (Android)
    3. Tap the To field and select your recipients 
    4. Tap OK (iOS) or the checkmark ✔️ icon (Android)
  4. For org emails:
    1. iOS: Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap desired recipient group
    2. Android: Tap the + icon in the bottom right corner and select the email recipient group
  5. Enter your email subject and the body of your message

    Note: Formatting can only be applied and displayed to messages when using TeamSnap from a web browser. 

  6. Tap Send (iOS) or the send icon (Android) in the upper right

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Delete Emails in TeamSnap

Tips: Select the messages for deletion carefully! Messages cannot be retrieved once they have been deleted. To delete messages that are delivered to your personal email client, you’ll need to log into your email program to delete the copies there.

  1. Login to TeamSnap from a web browser or open the Android app
  2. Enter your team or organization site
  3. Navigate to the desired Messages tab
  4. Web: Click Emails sub-tabDelete2.png
    1. Click the Inbox button to delete received messages or the Sent button to delete sent messagesdelete3a.png
    2. Select the box next to message that you wish to delete delete3.png
    3. Click the Delete button
  5. Android: Tap message dropdown and select Emails 
    1. Tap to open email message to delete
    2. Tap three-dot menu
    3. Tap Delete
    4. Tap Delete again to confirm
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