Tournament Set-Up Completion Tips & Troubleshooting

Registration is complete, the rosters are locked and the team count is final... Now it’s time to finish your tournament set-up and prepare for success!

This guide was created to help you finalize your tournament set-up. Need to download a checklist version? No problem! A PDF version is available here: Tournament Success Checklist

Finalize Tournament Set-Up

Review Divisions & Teams

  • This article will show you how to edit or update your divisions and teams
    • Tip: To move a team from one division to another, update the associated division drop down field when editing the team
  • Tournament admins and team managers may enter scheduling conflicts. More here.
  • Coaches and team admins are able to edit or add to  their team roster using these instructions
    • Note: Only the user ID for the initial team manager will have access to edit the team’s info and rosters. Additional managers will not have admin access.

Set Up Pools for Each Division

  • Pools are groupings of teams for the round-robin stage of the tournament. Each division must have at least 1 pool, and may have as many as needed.  Pools can vary in size based on your total team count.
    • Note: The system requires pools for every division. If you will not be playing pool play games (round robin), simply place all teams into a single pool.
  • Want to learn more about how to set up or edit pools, manually or using our auto-schedule feature? Check this out!

Set up Games

  • Games are the team matchups, to be set up in order to schedule pool play
  • Learn more tricks, like how the number of games for each team will display in the green number icon, here!

Set up Brackets 

  • Note: If you only have Pool Play games, no Bracket games, feel free to skip this tab!
  • Manually source your bracket, or autosource based on your pool play results. More details may be found in this article!
    • Important: Clicking “Reset” clears your sourcing while selecting a new bracket gives an additional empty bracket
Tip 1: Name your Bracket for easier day-of management, rather than using the default bracket name
Tip 2: Publish your Bracket to make it viewable on the mobile and web applications.  

Set Up Schedule

  • Set up a schedule for each division. Learn how you can adjust the Settings Tab to override default global settings for specific divisions, and more, here!
  • Note: If you receive a schedule warning - check your Settings - you need to allow enough time and enough venues to schedule.
BRACKET & SCHEDULE TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS Not seeing the brackets or schedule on the web URL or mobile application? Check in the upper right corner to ensure that you have clicked the Publish Event Brackets button and Publish Event Schedules for each division.

Communicating Before Your Tournament

Encourage your coaches, players and parents to follow your tournament in the mobile app, using the Promote tab.

  • Note: TeamSnap Tournaments is a separate app from TeamSnap for teams and sports orgs. Look for the TeamSnap championship cup logo to ensure you’ve got the right app.

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