Connect Your Custom Domain

Want to use a custom domain name with your site (for example, instead of To do so you will need to make changes to your domain’s DNS (Domain Name System) information and then map the domain so that your Website Builder site knows to expect traffic for that domain. Just follow the steps below!

Info: If you need assistance with any of the DNS steps below please contact your domain registrar (the company you purchased your custom domain from) directly for assistance. They will be able to assist with specifics within your domain settings, whereas our support team can assistwith your website builder site.

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Important: If you previously used your custom domain on a site from another service where your nameservers were changed, you will need to revert the nameservers back to the default for your domain provider. Most domain providers have instructions for what their default is in their support documentation or you can reach out to their support team for assistance.

Access Your Custom Domain Records

These steps will need to be done in your account with the domain provider you have purchased your custom domain from. Don't have a custom domain yet? You can purchase one from a domain registrar (,,, etc). Once you have your custom domain name, you will need to modify your DNS settings. Your domain registrar hosts your DNS information and necessary changes can be made through the account you set up on the domain provider's site.

  1. Log into your domain provider's site.
    1. Not sure who your domain provider is? You can look it up with a WHOIS directory such as or to enter your domain and see who it’s registered with.
  2. Access the DNS management area (If you are using a registrar not shown below, contact your domain provider/host and they can direct you to their DNS management area). 
    • GoDaddy
      1. Click My Products.
      2. Click the DNS button next to the URL you need to update.
      3. Move on to Step 4.
    • Network Solutions
      1. Click My Domain Names.
      2. Locate your domain name and click Edit next to Advanced DNS Settings.
      3. Move on to Step 4.
  3. Locate the Records section (see above for specific steps in common registrar sites).
  4. Remove any existing domain redirects (skip this step if it does not apply to you).
  5. Now you can Update the A record using the steps in the next section.

Update the A Record

  1. Click to edit the existing A record OR if there is no existing A record, click to add one.
    1. Add/update the following: 
      1. Enter or select @ in the host field to point the record directly to your domain name.
      2. Enter into the IP/Points to/Value field (clear any other IPs listed under your A Record).
      3. TTL can be left as is.
        A Record screen example from GoDaddy.
    2. Save it!

Update the CNAME

    1. Click to edit the CNAME record for your www subdomain name OR if there is no existing CNAME record, click to add one.
    2. Add/update the following:
      1. Enter/select the host as www.
      2. Enter your Website Builder domain (e.g. * in the Points To field.
         Please do not actually enter, that is an example URL used only for this help article. Replace the site-name portion with your Website Builder site name. For example, or
      3. TTL can be left as is.
    3. Save it!

Map Your Custom Domain

These steps will be performed in your TeamSnap Website Builder site. 

  1. Log into the dashboard of your TeamSnap Website Builder site.
  2. Under Tools in your admin dashboard, click Domain Mapping.
  3. Enter your custom domain URL ( into the empty field.
    • Make sure to enter your domain with the www prefix to map it correctly.
  4. Click Map Domain.
  5. Reach out to our support team and request a complimentary SSL certificate for your custom domain. 

Tip: You can enter an additional domain mapping without the www prefix if desired. In this case, you would have two mapped domains. We recommend starring whichever you prefer as your primary domain. 

That’s it! It can sometimes take as long as 48 hours for the DNS changes that you made in the first section to take effect. During this time the site may be inaccessible in a browser and the health status may be displayed as invalid on the Website Builder domain mapping page, so keep that in mind. Once the changes have taken effect you will be able to visit your custom domain in a browser and end up at your Website Builder site! If you continue to see any issues after the 48 hours have passed, please contact us by clicking the help icon in the bottom right of your screen.

Attention: Once your custom domain is set up you must log in using your new URL with /wp-admin added to the end. For example,