Troubleshooting Schedule, Assignments, and Availability

If you are running into any issues, the first thing you can do is double check that the device you are attempting to access TeamSnap on meets our system requirements.

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Former Roster Members Getting Schedule Updates

When a former roster member is still receiving event reminders but they do not appear on the roster it's likely they are still subscribed to the team's schedule through their personal calendar, resulting in their calendar continuing to sync and send reminders for the team's current schedule.


Ask the former roster member to unsubscribe from the team schedule.

If you are a team admin attempting to resolve this for a former roster member, you can opt to have the calendar link for your entire team reset. This may be a good way to go if you have several former team members with this issue, or if you'd like to ensure that only current members have access to the current schedule links. There is not a way to reset a single member's link to the team schedule since there is just one link to the schedule for the entire team. Breaking the team link requires that all current members resubscribe to the team's calendar. To break the team's link, contact TeamSnap support with the name of the team.

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Unable to Enter Game Results

If you are an administrator but do not see the option to enter results for a game that has already taken place, the schedule item you are viewing may have been entered as an event, which has no scoring fields, instead of a game.

If your team is part of a sports organization account in TeamSnap you will not see the option to enter results unless you are an organization administrator or your organization administrators have enabled scores to be entered by team administrators.


Check whether the schedule item is set up as a game or event by clicking  Edit for the game in question. Check the screen title, if it shows "Edit Event" rather than "Edit Game", it means that the game was mistakenly created as an event and will need to be re-created on the schedule as a game. If this is the case, you will need to recreate the item on the schedule as a game.

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Schedule Not Updating in Google Calendar

TeamSnap pushes schedule changes within one hour, while Google Calendar typically updates on a 12-hour cycle for subscribed calendars. This means that it is necessary to wait for the next Google Calendar refresh update. Depending on where you fall in the cycle, it can potentially take up to 24 hours to display changes to your subscribed calendar.


This trick will trip the Google system into thinking that you are requesting a totally new URL and will push it to make a new request rather than syncing to the cached version of your subscribed team schedule.

  1. Unsubscribe from your team schedule
  2. Re-subscribe to your team schedule following the steps in Subscribe to a Team Schedule, but stop at step 8
  3. On the step to paste the full calendar URL into the 'Other Calendar – Add by URL' field, add ?query=1 to the end of the URL so that the URL looks similar to this example:

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Missing Games or Events in the Schedule tab

If you have created a game or event for a team you are an administrator on, but don't see it in your schedule, you may need to update the viewing preferences under the Schedule tab to include past games and events.


In the Schedule tab, click View Preferences, and ensure the settings match what you'd like displayed. If needed, you can update the selections and click Save.

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