Manually adding schedule events

This article explains how team and organization administrators can manually add individual games or events directly to the Schedule tab. This method is best for those that love getting physical with their data entry and are immune to carpal tunnel, prefer manual entry, or just need to add a single game or event here and there. 

This scheduling method is best suited for admins preferring hands-on data entry, allowing one-off or event-specific scheduling, and external opponent inclusion.

In this article:

Add a Game or Event in a Team (web)

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click your name below the team name under the My Teams section of the dashboard
  3. Click the Schedule tab
  4. Click New
  5. Click New Game or New Event - Make sure you choose the correct event type! Once created, games cannot be converted to events and vice versa.
    1. First time? The buttons will look a bit different - click Schedule your first game or Schedule your first event
  6. Enter game or event details
    1. Date
    2. Time
    3. Events only:
      1. Optional: Select recurring frequency in the Repeats dropdown
        1. Once repeating option is selected, the Until field will appear
        2. Select the repeating event end date *required
    4. Games only:
      1. Select opponent (games only)
        1. Select New Opponent to create an opponent here. You can add more opponents in the schedule view using the Edit>Edit Opponents button
    5. Select a location 
      1. Select New Location to create a location here. You can add more in the schedule view using the Edit>Edit Locations button
    6. Location Details
    7. Optional Info (Click the Show button):
      1. Home or Away (games only)
      2. Uniform (games only)
      3. Duration
      4. Arrival Time
      5. Extra Label (games only)
      6. Canceled: Probably won't do this during event creation but it's good to know where it is just in case! You can always come back to edit your event to change the selection here.
      7. Not for Standings (games only): Don't want the score for this game to count toward your overall standings? Check the box here.
      8. Display Icon: You can select the flag icon color for your game or event here, if that tickles your fancy. Only the colors shown are what's available, there isn't a way to do custom colors.
      9. Notes
      10. Availability: This is checked by default so that availability can be tracked. If this is unchecked, the game or event will not appear in the Availability tab for members to make a selection
    8. Optional: Enter assignments details to create an assigned or volunteer task

  7. Check the box for Notify the Team? if you'd like to email team members with updated event details
  8. Click Save

Add a Game or Event in a Team (mobile)

  1. Tab the Schedule tab
  2. Tap the + and choose either to add a new game or a new event. 
  3. Enter event/game details
  4. Optional: Select the checkbox (Android) or toggle on (iOS) the option to Notify your team and send an email and push notification (if enabled on the mobile app) with the new event or game information.
  5. Tap Save 

Add an Event in a Division or Organization

Administrators of organizations using TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues can schedule single or multi-team events (not games) under the organization Schedule tab. 


  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click organization name on the TeamSnap dashboard
  3. Click Schedule tab
  4. Click Add Event
  5. Click Single Team or Multi-Team
  6. Enter event details
    • Short Label
    • Event Name
    • Date
    • Time
    • Team or Teams to schedule event for
    • Event Location
      • Locations to select from will be displayed from those created at the same level or above. (for example, if creating an event under a division schedule tab, available locations will be from that division and the club/league locations. Locations created under teams will not be available to select from.)
    • Location details
    • Optional Info:
      • Duration
      • Arrival Time
      • Canceled
      • Display Icon
      • Notes
  7. Check the box for Notify the Team? if you'd like to email team members with updated event details
  8. Click Save to complete event creation or click Save and Create Another to create additional events

Creating season-level Games or Events in TeamSnap for Business

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Navigate to a program
  3. Select a season
  4. Click the Schedule tab
  5. Make sure at least one location exists within the season
  6. Click “Add Event”
  7. Click on “Multi-team” to create a repeating event for more than one team
  8. Fill out the desired event info and in Repeats field, select a frequency of “Daily” or “Weekly”

  1. Set a desired “Until” date

  1. Select teams and a location
  2. Add optional Location Details

  1. Click Save
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