Copy or transfer members to a division or team

Once members are added to your organization, you can copy their profiles to additional teams or divisions or transfer their profile from one team or division to another. Members won’t see anything when they log into their TeamSnap account until they are assigned to a team.

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Copy a Member to an Additional Team or Division

Organization administrators can create new profiles for existing members to them to additional teams or divisions. Currently members can be copied one by one to a single team or division, creating additional profiles and adding them to as many teams or divisions as desired.

  1. Click the Members tab
  2. Click the Actions ... button to the right of the desired member
  3. Click  + Copy Profile
  4. Select the division and team (if desired) that the member will be added to in the drop-down(s)
  5. Click the Copy to Team/Division button
  6. Member and contact information are copied to the new profile and invitations are automatically sent
    1. Position, jersey #, receive team emails settings (default ON), organization and team custom field data, permissions, and existing roles are not copied to the new team or division profile.

Transfer Member from One Team or Division to Another

Need to move someone from one team or division in your organization to another? You can move individual members to their new placement under the Members tab. 

Attention: Commissioner profiles cannot be transferred. Team owner and manager profiles will lose their admin permissions on the new team they are transferred to. Player and non-player designations are not affected.

  1. Click the Members tab
  2. Hover over the Actions ... button to the right of desired member
  3. Click Manage to view their details
  4. Hover over the Actions ... button to the right of the member profile that needs to be move
  5. Select Transfer
  6. Select the division and team (if desired) that the member will be moved to in the drop-down(s)
  7. Click the Transfer to Team/Division button

Note: Additional contacts added to a registration will receive email messages, but will not have access to the team until they have been invited to join. The invitation can be sent by the primary account holder (the person who completed the registration) or an administrator for the team or organization by clicking the Invite to Join button next to the contact's name under the member roster profile.

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