Member Registration FAQs

Here are a few common registration tasks and FAQs:

Common Registration Tasks

Registration FAQ's Before Completing Registration 

Q. Where do I find the link to register my player, what program should I sign my kid up for?

A. You will want to contact the organization conducting registration directly, since they will best be able to assist with these types of specifics, including where they have shared the registration link and what programs they have made available.

Q. How do I make a special request, request placement on a team, change the name on my registration or inquire about practice locations/times? 

A. You will want to contact the organization directly as we would not be able to speak on their behalf and they will be able to assist you best in these areas. 

Q. How do I get assistance with a specific error that I'm having trouble resolving while completing a registration? 

Issue: General errors or pages not loading as expected Many errors saving are related to browser cache or a timeout issue. The first step to troubleshoot those errors is a simple cache refresh. You can find instructions to refresh your cache here. Additionally, if you are using a mobile browser and having trouble, please login via the web and follow the same steps. You will also want to ensure that you are using a supported web browser and operating system, check our System Requirements

Issue: Name is not being accepted for Waivers Make sure your waiver acknowledgement matches the account holder information for the TeamSnap account that the registration is being completed under. The name entered for the waiver must match the account holder information. If this is different than what you are expecting you need to update your account name, following the steps to Manage your TeamSnap Settings

Issue: Save and Continue is grayed out Double check that all fields have been completed in the required format. Look out for error messages next to each field indicating what needs to be completed. Once all fields have been filled out the button to continue should populate. 

IssueError message "Please enter a valid first and last name": This error generally indicates that there is either a blank space before or after the name entry or a special character. Check to make sure that there are no blank or white spaces or non-alphabetical characters and you should be able to proceed. If you have your credit card information populate using a browser autofill retype the information manually

Issue: Payment options are not populating on the checkout page: If payment methods have been configured for the form but you are not seeing them at checkout check to make sure that your web browser is supported and switch browsers, if needed. Refer to our System Requirements.

Issue: Hockey Canada Validation Error message: Hockey Canada validation errors are most often caused by Minor Hockey Association (MHA) mismatch, birthdate mismatch or incorrect Hockey Canada ID entry. Check to make sure that your players primary association with Hockey Canada is the association you are registering for. If it is not, you will need to reach out to the registrar to update prior to completing the registration within TeamSnap. 

If you are still having trouble after trying the troubleshooting steps above use for troubleshooting errors or issues please use the Help widget on this page to submit a support ticket. Be sure to include as many details as possible, including the email address you are signed in with, the exact registration URL you are using, the exact step you are getting stuck along with any screenshots of the errors. The more information the support team has the better equipped we'll be to resolve the issue with you as efficiently as possible and determine whether further support is needed from the sports organization. 

Registration FAQ's After Completing Registration 

Q. I selected pay in full for my participant's registration when I wanted to select an installment plan, how can this be changed?

A. Pay in full registrations cannot be converted to an installment registration. If you have already submitted payment, the payment cannot be canceled and it will need to process through the system. You will want to contact the organization directly to request a refund for the payment in full so that you can submit a new registration with the installment option by following these steps to complete an additional registration

Q. I have been issued a refund to a canceled, replaced or closed credit card. What do I do? 

A. Electronic refunds will always been sent back to the original card or account that was used to make the payment. A refund cannot be sent to a different card and a submitted refund cannot be canceled.  Most banks will reconcile by refunding to the replacement card or sending check. For your specific bank and situation contact your bank to find out how they handle refunds like this. If it has been 30 days since the refund was issued and you have not received the refund or been notified by the organization of a failed refund use the Help widget to contact TeamSnap support team to investigate. This only applies to refunds send electronically by credit card or bank account.  

Q. I would like to request a refund for registration, withdrawal from a program or cancellation of installment payments. Who do I contact? 

A. Any refund requests, cancellations or withdrawal from an organization must be submitted to the organization administrators directly. Each organization sets their own membership agreements for payment schedules, refunds, etc. and are best equipped to handle your request and advise you of your available options. As the software provider for your sports organization, TeamSnap does not process refunds, adjustments or cancellations on behalf of a member. 

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