Payment in Authorized Status

From time to time, in the checkout detail column of registration and within the Registration Dashboard the status of payment will appear as "Authorized" for credit card payments and for ACH payments the status will always be in an authorized status for up to 7 business days as the payment processed.

An "authorized" state means that the payer (registrant) entered their payment info and confirmed the payment with TeamSnap. TeamSnap has successfully charged the card or has started the process to debit the funds from the bank for ACH but the funds have not yet been released to the payee (the club/league ) account. 

The checkout detail will be in the "authorized" state until the process is complete and the roster profile isn't generated until the payment hasn't been fully received. 

If you'd like to roster the player prior to the ACH payment clearing you can definitely do this if you wish. Head to the Registration tab and the registration form dashboard. In the Admin column if you hover over the box with the 3 dots you'll see the option to + Roster Player Name. If you select this option, it will generate a profile that will appear on the Directory and Rostering tabs. 

  1. Navigate to the Registration tab
  2. Open the form you'd like to create rosters for
  3. In the Admin column hover over the Snap Action icon corresponding with the participant
  4. Click the + Roster (Participant Name) button
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