"No Roster" Team Status for Registrant

If you are an organization administrator and you are unable to find a profile on the Members or Rostering tab for a participant you see on the Completed Registrations tab, this is likely due to the form set up on the Instructions and Activations tab. If this is the case you will also notice that on the Completed Registrations tab of your Registration Dashboard, the Team Status column indicates No Roster for the participant and the participant name is not hyperlinked/clickable. 

If so, this is likely because the registration was set up not to create rosters for each registrant on the form in question. When an administrator creates a registration form, on the Instructions & Activations tab, one of the settings that can be configured to have a roster profile automatically created from the participant registration, so that they can then be rostered to teams. If you intend to use the registration to form team rosters, you will want to keep the box checked to Create Members  "Automatically create each participant in this registration as a member" is checked this simply creates a roster profile so that the member can be rostered on the Rostering or Members tab. Checking the box will not automatically assign the registrant to a team, a commissioner will still need to do this. An example of  when you would leave the box unchecked, would be in a situation where you do not wish to roster to teams, say for a camp or banquet. 

Here's what the Team status will look like on the Completed Registrations tab when the box is unchecked. Note, the Participant name is not hyperlinked and the Team column indicates No Roster. 

If you'd like to generate a roster profile for Participants showing No Roster follow the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to the Registration tab 
  2. Go to the Registration Dashboard of the Registration form you'd like to create rosters for
  3. In the Admin column hover over the Snap Action icon corresponding with the Participant
  4. Clicking the + Roster (Participant Name) button 
  5. Now you'll see the Participant Name hyperlinked to the Members tab and the Team Column will indicate Unassigned 
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