Scheduling for teams

Ready to kick off your season's scheduling? This guide offers invaluable insights into creating schedules in TeamSnap, providing tips for a smooth setup, and addressing common scheduling queries.

Preparing your team

For organization teams: Determine your role in team scheduling within the sports organization in TeamSnap. Choose between creating your team's schedule or relying on organizational options (Import or Manual setups).

Choosing schedule creation methods

  1. Importing schedules: Requires existing schedules in CSV format.
  2. Manual entry: Ideal for adding one-off games or events.

Post-creation actions

  • Inform teams, players, and fans about accessing schedules via TeamSnap.
  • Designate responsibility for schedule changes during the season if needed.
  • Leverage the "Notify the team" feature for communicating changes.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage your team's schedule using TeamSnap.


What's the difference between a game and an event?

The schedule items can be created as either games or events. It is important to create the correct schedule item type because once created, they cannot be switched. Any changes would have to be made by deleting and recreating the required schedule item.

Games: Schedule items where your team competes against an opponent and there is a scored result. This schedule item type includes fields for games including Opponent, Home or Away, Uniform, Enter Results, etc.

Events: Schedule items which can be anything on the schedule that is not a game and does not need results entered including practices, meetings, and parties. This schedule item type includes fields for events including Daily Repeating Events, Weekly Repeating Events, Short Label field, etc.

To distinguish between a game or event, administrators can view the edit screen for the schedule item. The edit screen will be labeled Edit Game or Edit Event.

How does an organization give their teams permission to edit games?

If you would like your games and events to be fully editable and scored at the team-level, check the box to 'Create Only Team-Controlled Events' before importing the schedule. This will allow both sports org admins and team admins to be able to edit games/events at the team level and enter game results. When events are marked as team-controlled, also note that changes made within a team to an event where the opposing team is in the same league will only be reflected in the team where the change was made.

If you would like to keep management of the schedule but want your organization's team-level admins to be able to score the games, then do not check the box and keep your schedule 'League-Controlled'. You can then go into your organization's settings tab and check the Enter Scores checkbox in the Team Schedule Permissions.

How do I or my members subscribe to a schedule once it is posted?

You can subscribe to your full TeamSnap schedule if you are on multiple teams or subscribe to individual team schedules. Follow the steps in the linked articles to have your games/events all show up right on your calendar!

Tip: Having trouble with games showing up after you've subscribed? Give games at least 10 minutes to show up on your calendar. If they're still not appearing, try unsubscribing from TeamSnap and your personal calendar and then resubscribing.

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