Accept a Team Invitation

You will need to be invited to the team by a team admin.

New to TeamSnap

Once a team admin has sent you an invitation, you'll receive an email with an invitation link to create a TeamSnap account to access your team site. Just click the Join button and you'll be walked through the account set up process. If you haven’t received an invitation, you will want to contact your team manager/coach and ask them to add you to the roster and send an invite.

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Existing TeamSnap Members

Once a team admin has sent you an invitation, you will be automatically added to the team and will receive an email notification, letting you know you have been added. Just log into your TeamSnap account and you should see the new team listed in your My Teams section. 

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Existing TeamSnap Member with Multiple Emails

Once a team admin sends out invitations, you will have your invite auto-accepted by the system if any of your roster profile emails are attached to an existing TeamSnap account. You will also be sent email invitations to the other addresses on your roster profile. If you'd like to accept invitations sent to other email addresses under your existing account, click Switch Account during the acceptance process to log into your current TeamSnap account and you can have the new team access added to that account instead.

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