Hockey Canada & TeamSnap FAQs

Q: Once they've registered in TeamSnap, will a registrant’s Hockey Canada ID# pre-populate the following season?

A: Yes - as long as they register under their existing TeamSnap profile, their Hockey Canada ID populate along with all of their other custom field data from the prior year. If they import an existing participant that has filled out that field in the past it will also auto-populate.

Q: When you say it will link to the existing profile does that mean a duplicate profile is created? Or that it will merge into existing profiles?

A: No duplicate profile is created for the member in HCR, but data is added to their existing profile. When a Hockey Canada user registers through TeamSnap and completes the registration, it will send that registration data to HCR to create a new pre-registration under that user's existing Hockey Canada member profile, as well as add contact and address data to the member profile. Currently, changes made to the player profile/contacts in TeamSnap after registration will not be reflected in HCR. 

Q: When someone enters in address info into registration and it creates a pre-registration record, does it also update their permanent address with HC?

A: The registrants's address information entered into TeamSnap will not overwrite what’s in the HCR; it will append to the current information in the HCR.

Q: Do registration program fee names and amounts need to be created in both systems?

A: Only if you need the information in HCR - otherwise, you can just create the programs in TeamSnap. These are not ported over to HCR. Our fee names and amounts offer some additional features that allow more pricing flexibility if you need it.

Q: If we set up the installment payments option in registration for our members and they need to update the card information, who is able to update that info?

A: TeamSnap will notify the registrar/admin of any declined payments. The registrant or cardholder will need to input their new card information.

Q: Can this integration help keep track of player transfers?

A: Right now, transfers do not integrate with TeamSnap. They are on the feature roadmap for future improvements.

Q: How do I handle transferring players from one MHA to another (out of boundaries)?

A: There is currently no transfer process in TeamSnap. This will be still be handled as you currently do in the HCR and with your branch. 

Q: Do we have to run or use both systems side by side (TeamSnap & HCR)?

A: Yes. TeamSnap’s integration with the HCR allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of the TeamSnap ecosystem without having to double up work in the HCR, while the HCR is still the primary record for team approvals, member hockey ID’s, rostering rules, etc.

Q: Can I register my coaches through TeamSnap?

A: You can have a separate registration form in TeamSnap for coaches, however validating coaches is not currently part of the integration.

Q: Can I still use the integration to validate rosters if I manually enter registration data into the HCR and TS?

A: The technical answer is yes , assuming the roster members manually added to TeamSnap include both the player’s Hockey ID and Member ID (both from the HCR). These are the two primary pieces of data that we capture through the Hockey Canada integrated registration that are necessary to pass along for rostering validation. Additionally, your MHA needs to be mapped in the HCR which normally occurs during the registration provisioning process, If you've elected not to use registration, you'll need to reach out to TeamSnap support to complete this step for rostering to work. Using the integrated TeamSnap/Hockey Canada registration within TeamSnap is highly recommended for the smoothest experience.

Q: I am seeing a Hockey Canada Member ID, what is this?

A: The Hockey Canada Member ID is a number that is supplied to TeamSnap from Hockey Canada when a participants Hockey Canada ID is correctly validated. You do not need to do anything or worry about this number, it is a byproduct of the registration process working correctly! 

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