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Team Created Instead of Joined

Did you accidentally create a team when trying to join an existing team? We can help!


To join the existing team, you need to be invited by a team admin. If you haven’t received an email invitation with a Join Now button, you will need to contact the team administrator and ask to be invited or re-invited. Once you receive that email, you will be able to log in with the TeamSnap username and password you used to create the new team by mistake.

If you know that you have been invited but can't locate your invitation, or aren't sure if you were sent one, you can double check by finding a team invitation.

Finally, if you would like to delete the team you created by accident, you can remove the team from your account.

Team Missing from Account

Once your email address is added to a roster in TeamSnap, it is enabled to receive messages sent out to the team roster. If you are receiving messages but don't see your team when you log into TeamSnap, or believe a team should be on your account that just isn't there, here are a few of the reasons for missing teams and how you can address them:

Unaccepted or Unsent Invitation

It may be that you have not fully accepted your team invitation or your invitation has not actually been sent out yet.

Solution: Accept Your Invitation

You'll want to ensure you have accepted any team invites you have received. If you aren't able to locate one in your email, you can always look up your open team invites. Once accepted, the team will be added to your account where you will be able to access it going forward. You can also contact your team manager to confirm that the invitation has been sent to you by having them resend your invitation.

Multiple TeamSnap Accounts

Many of us have more than one email address, and occasionally users have inadvertently set up more than one TeamSnap account under different emails. If you have multiple email addresses it may be worth checking whether the missing team was joined under an account created for your other email address. The account email and roster email are not always the same, and updates to your roster email will not unlink it from the original account email.

Solution: Combine Your Accounts

Great news! Even if you managed to accidentally create an additional TeamSnap account using one of your other emails, it can be fixed. If you find that this is the case, we recommend that you merge your accounts, to minimize future confusion and also, to avoid having to log in and out of multiple TeamSnap accounts. Which just sounds awful, like a horrible, confusing waste of time and energy. Ugh what a nightmare. Yuck. No offense if you do this and enjoy it, though!

Team Hidden from View in Mobile Apps

Using our iOS or Android mobile apps? Did you know you have the ability to hide and unhide teams in your team list view? You may have inadvertently hidden your team from the list, or maybe you purposely hid it because the sight of the team name burned your eyes and then you promptly forgot about doing so. We're not saying that's what happened, just throwing out possibilities.

Solution: Unhide the Team

This one doesn't happen super often, but just in case it's worth checking to see if you may have hidden the team at some point. We know what you're thinking "I definitely did not hide my team. I would never hide my team. I love my team and I want to see them always!" Sometimes when exploring our mobile app and tapping around to check things out, this happens by accident, so it's always worth double checking just to be sure. 

What's Next

If you've covered all of the above and are still missing a team from your account, make sure you have logged out and back in to the app to rule out any simple token or refresh issues, and then please feel free to reach out to our support team using the help icon in the bottom right corner to assist with troubleshooting further. Be sure to let us know what you already tried!

Common Questions

Can I be a member of more than one team?

Heck yes, this is TeamSnap! You can join as many teams as you'd like! Learn more about adding another team to your existing account.

If you are a team owner wanting to create more teams under your account, that's as easy as eating apple pie. Pie that is delivered to you on a plate so you don't have to actually know or be good at baking. Learn how to create a new team if you are a team owner.

What's the difference between my account email and my roster email?

The account email is part of your credentials to log into your TeamSnap account. This is your username, or user ID. It is not automatically displayed in roster lists, only under your Account Settings. TeamSnap uses the account email to send you important TeamSnap news, or when there are billing issues for your account. You can update your account info if needed.

Roster emails are listed within each member profile on a team's roster list. Your roster email(s) is where you will receive communication from your TeamSnap team if you have the Receive Emails box checked in your roster profile. This is also known as your contact email address.

If multiple email addresses are listed under a member's profile, emails delivered from Person 1 will show as sent from the member's name on the roster. All subsequent contacts added will show emails delivered from the name on the account email for that email address, not the member's name on the team's roster. If needed, follow the instructions above to change the account name, or update your roster profile information if needed.

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