Account Email vs Roster Email

TeamSnap uses an email address in two ways: account email (username or user ID) and roster email (contact email address on a team). 

The same email address can be used for both, but they can also be different. These addresses are independent, so changing one does not affect the other.

Account Email

The account email is part of your credentials to log into your TeamSnap account. This is your username, or user ID. It is not automatically displayed in roster lists, only under your Account Settings. TeamSnap uses the account email to send you important TeamSnap news, or when there are billing issues for your account.

You can also Update Account Information if needed.

Roster Email

Roster emails are listed within each member profile on a team's roster list. Your roster email(s) is where you will receive communication from your TeamSnap team if you have the Receive Emails box checked in your roster profile. This is also known as your contact email address. 



If multiple email addresses are listed under a member's profile, emails delivered from Person 1 will show as sent from the member's name on the roster.  All subsequent contacts added will show emails delivered from the name on the account email for that email address, not the member's name on the team's roster.  If needed, follow the instructions above to change the account name.  

You can also Update Roster Information

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