Why are ads displayed in the TeamSnap app?

We see you’ve noticed the advertising – a new addition to TeamSnap. We understand that seeing ads can be tiring or potentially obtrusive. As a company, we must continue to grow while also hearing the voice of our customers. We love hearing from you and appreciate all feedback, whether it be positive, negative, or constructive.

Unfortunately, subscription fees only cover about half of the true cost of providing TeamSnap service to our customers. Our stance on ads is this: rather than charging our users more, we aim to create a win-win situation where parents and players can continue to use TeamSnap at a low-cost or for free in exchange for having relevant, targeted advertising and offers from leading brands displayed to them during the app experience.

Many customers prefer this option, and we do our best to ensure the ads are displayed without disrupting the TeamSnap experience. Customers who prefer an ad-free experience on our mobile apps are able to upgrade to TeamSnap Plus for a small fee if desired. The vast majority of our customers prefer TeamSnap on mobile, but we’re also looking at providing an ad-free option for customers on web in the coming months.

With or without advertising and offers, we believe that TeamSnap provides an incredible value that saves ample time and money for coaches, players, parents, and organizers. We appreciate your support and feedback as we continue to make TeamSnap even better.

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