Creating a Schedule for Clubs and Leagues


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In this article

TeamSnap provides several options for adding schedules to your organization. You can find schedule tabs at the club/league level, the division level, and the team level. Before getting started, you'll want to plan out how and where you want to enter the schedule to best meet your needs.

Schedule Set Up

Add Schedule Locations

Locations created at the top organization level will be available for every level within the organization, including any divisions added and all teams when creating games and events. Locations added within a team will be available as non-league locations for that team only, and if needed for other teams, would have to be created on each additional team that needed to have it available. Learn more about adding locations.

Add External (Non-League) Opponents

Teams that are created under your organization in TeamSnap will automatically be available to schedule with as opponents for games. If there are teams outside of your organization that your teams need to be scheduled for, they would need to be added as Non-League opponents within each team that needs them available for scheduling.

Schedule Creation Options

Once you've added locations and external opponents, you'll be ready to add your schedule items! There are several ways in which you can create your schedule events in TeamSnap.

TeamSnap Scheduler

TeamSnap Scheduler allows organization administrators (league owners and org commissioners) to schedule games and/or practices across their entire organization, or for a select portion of it all at once. Divisional commissioners have the ability to use scheduler for the division level in which they have been granted admin permissions over. Schedules created in Scheduler can only be managed and edited from within Scheduler. Learn more about how to create your schedule using TeamSnap Scheduler.

If you want to generate schedules for multiple teams or divisions at once, while taking team and location conflicts into account, Scheduler may be the tool for you!

Import Schedule

Schedules already created in a spreadsheet can be imported using a CSV file. This functionality is available at every level of your organization to meet the desired outcome.

If you already know your season schedule, and just need to replicate/import it into TeamSnap, you may want to use the Import option. 

Manual Schedule Entry

For those of you who love getting physical and are also immune to carpal tunnel, you can opt to manually create your games/events at the team level or just events at the division or league level

If you need to create one-off games or events, or multi-team events in your organization, manual entry is a great way to go!

Common Questions

What does non-league mean?

Locations: A non-league location is one that has not been entered under the organization-level (administrative) Schedule tab by an administrator. Games and events set up at the team level using org-level locations are considered to be organization/league locations, and will appear on the organization master schedule. If a team administrator adds the locations at the team level, games and events using the team-level locations will appear with the non-league designation and the schedule will not appear on the organization master schedule.

Opponents: A non-league opponent is an opponent that is not a part of your organization in TeamSnap.