Schedule Setup for Clubs and Leagues

TeamSnap provides several options for adding schedules to your organization. You can find schedule tabs at the club/league level, the division level, and the team level. Before getting started, you'll want to plan out how and where you want to enter the schedule to best meet your needs and begin by adding locations and any opponents that are not a part of your organization.

Locations created at the top organization level will be available for every level including any divisions you add and all your teams to select when adding schedule items. If locations are added at the team level they will be listed as non-league locations for that team only, and any shared location would have to be created on each team that needed to have it available. Learn more about adding locations.

Once you have your locations set up, you'll want to add any opponents that are not a part of your organization

When you've added locations and external opponents, you'll be ready to add your schedule items! You can create events using TeamSnap Schedulerimport your full schedule at the league level, import the schedule at the team level (or tell your team admins to! wink wink), or if you love getting physical and are also immune to carpal tunnel, you can manually create your games/events at the team level or just events at the division or league level.

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