Setting up your organization structure in TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues

Attention: This article is for organization administrators on TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues. Check your version at the bottom of your organization screen.


When setting up the structure of your organization in TeamSnap for the first time, it is important to consider your goals and all the possibilities for your organization in the future. 

✔ Do any of your seasons overlap?

  • It's important to plan and think ahead to the end of the season when you will need to archive - are you going to do a full league archive that wipes the entire season clear, or are you going to want to structure your divisions as seasons so that you can simply archive each season as it ends, while keeping the active season going? ➜ Running Overlapping Seasons for Your Organization

✔ Do you need divisions? What kind? Age / Sport / Level / Season?

  • While you can create as many divisions as you want, you'll want to have a clear picture of how you'd like to group your teams before ever creating your first team. For instance, your organization groups teams by age groups? Great! Those age groups need to be categorized by season and skill level? Awesome! You'll start by creating divisions for the season you need, then move on to subdivisions for skill level and/or age groups. Thinking through all that will give you a better picture of where to start with your divisions.
  • Attention: Divisions cannot be created if teams are created first. 

✔ Do you need subdivisions? How many, and how should those be organized under your divisions?

✔ How many teams will you have? If you are using divisions/subdivisions, which teams go where?

✔ Are there teams already using TeamSnap that need to be moved into your organization account? ➜ Team Transfers for Sports Organizations

Knowing these things ahead of time will help you set up the structure that matches your needs from the beginning. While you’re at it, we highly recommend consulting that old crystal ball you've got lying around and considering the growth potential of your league over the next couple of years. While having all the Healthy Food teams in one division makes sense now, will you eventually want your Apples separate from your Potatoes?

If you do run into the need for reorganization at some point, you can do a full league archive carrying nothing forward to start from scratch, a division archive carrying nothing forward to start from scratch for a single division, or create a new team in the desired division then transfer the players from the old team to the new team before deleting the old team for good.  

What's Next

Step One: Set Up Divisions

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