What is TeamSnap?

What is it?

TeamSnap is a unique way to manage your sports team on the web or our mobile apps. Anyone who has managed or played on a recreational sports team knows how hard it can be to keep track of all the members, events, and payments. TeamSnap takes the headache out of organizing by making it simple to manage your team or group.

Best of all, TeamSnap is easy, intuitive, and web-based. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection with the perk of having a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices for when you and your team are on the go!

Who can use it?

TeamSnap is for the overworked person who is in charge of any team or group organization. (You know who you are.) Coaches, managers, parents, and anybody else who’s been tapped to keep track of a team. Our online team management software gives this person their life back.

But most of all, TeamSnap is for everyone involved with the team, enabling members to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate in ways that are both fun and time-saving. Bottom line, TeamSnap puts the enjoyment back into team sports.

Not a sport’s team? That’s ok - we’re still here for you. Whether you’re managing volunteers for a non-profit organization, managing band rehearsals, or got roped into leading your kid’s scout troop this year, TeamSnap is your go-to management platform.

How can it help?

Plain and simple, TeamSnap makes it easy to manage and/or keep up with your sports team or any ongoing group activity. More notably, we provide an easy to use web tool that helps you:

How do I sign up?

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