New Team Missing from Account

Looking for your new team? If you're an existing TeamSnap member looking for a new team that you have received an invite to join or created on another device but can't see it in the app:

  1. Log out of TeamSnap and reboot your device or browser
  2. Log back into TeamSnap (with the same email address that received the invitation or created the team)

Refreshing your connection should connect you with your new team. If the team is still not there, it could be hidden on the mobile app, or you may have received a team email instead of an invitation. All teams that you do not own require an invitation to join in order to gain access. You'll want to reach out to your team manager or family member for an invite. 

Additionally, a common cause of this issue occurs when someone has multiple email addresses and get invited using an email other than the one they were expecting. If you have more than one email address, this is a good thing to check into. Please check and see if you have multiple accounts under different usernames. 

If you have more than one username, we recommend that you combine the usernames so that all teams can be seen under a single login. 

Note: If you have a Gmail address, our system recognizes email variations with a period, such and as individual emails and will create separate usernames based upon that.

Once you receive the invite, new members will follow the steps to join the team and create their account found in the invitation email, and existing members just need to follow the process above!

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