How Registration Creates Player Contacts

You've created your registration form and are ready to begin taking online registrations. Now it's up to the parents and players to get started.

It's helpful to remember that the registrant is the person entering the information. The participant is the player.

The registrant will be required to enter basic information related to the participant and their family members, also know as contacts. This might include name, email address, phone number and mailing address depending on how you have structured your form.

Once this information is complete and you have generated rosters for your players, you'll be able to see this information on the player's profile. The participant information becomes contact 1 and parent information becomes contact 2 and 3.

When you assign your player to their respective teams, the registrant is granted automatic access to the team under the TeamSnap account they used to register. Often times this is a parent email. There is no invitation needed for the registrant. All other family members or contacts will need to be invited to join the team.

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