Getting Started as an Organization Admin

Attention: This article is for organization administrators on TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues v2. Check your version at the bottom of your organization screen.

Welcome! As an administrator (organization owner, commissioner, administrator, or coordinator) for a TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues organization account, we've put this handy guide together to get you on your way with the how-tos and what's it's for your org admin privileges.

Not sure if this guide is for you? Organization administrators include the organization owner (the account which owns the organization in TeamSnap), along with any members whom the organization owner has granted commissioner privileges. 

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Staff Member? Accept Your Invite

If you are the organization's account owner, you won't need to do this since your access was set up when the account was created. For other staff, once you have been invited, you will receive an email invitation to join your organization's account. 

TeamSnap Create Account screen.

Accepting a TeamSnap Invitation

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Quick Start Checklist

Ready to organize and structure your programs?

We recommend taking some time to identify the way in which your organization currently groups activities and offerings for participants. Programs contain seasons, and seasons contain a single layer of divisions. Divisions contain teams, which contain participants. Programs can run multiple seasons concurrently, and once the first season is created you can opt to copy the setup to any additional seasons you create within the same program. 

The first step to creating programs is to set up program attributes, which are used by the system to automatically create divisions for the program's seasons. If you opt out of utilizing program attributes you'll have to manually create the divisions you'd like for each season.

Attention: If no divisions are created and teams are added, there is no way to go back and create divisions for the teams. Teams have to be deleted to re-enable the ability to create divisions, which the teams could then be created under. Please be extra sure that you have no use for divisions before creating a flat, non-divisional structure.

Set Up Program Structure

Transfer Teams

Ready to bring on your staff?

There are a few different staff roles that can be assigned. Organization adminis are those who require administrative access to the organization as a whole. Program admins are restricted to administrative access over specific program areas. Program coordinators are similarly restricted to specific programs with additional restrictions to the information they are able to access within each program, such as financials, registration, and invoicing. 

Once teams are created you also have the ability to set up team-level administrators (team owners/managers) which are those who require administrative access to specific teams, but have no administrative access to programs or the top-level organization. 

You will need to add your staff to the organization and invite them so that they can be granted administrative access at the desired level. 

For org-level administrators:

  1. Add the person to your organization.
  2. Ensure they have accepted their invitation to join.
  3. Share this guide with them.

For team-level administrators:

  1. Add the person to your organization.
  2. Assign them to their team.
  3. For those who will be team owners, assign them team ownership.
  4. Share the Getting Started: TeamSnap for Team Administrators guide with them.

Tip: Unsure about who will need what permissions? Check out our help article on the different member types available within TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues.

Ready to accept payments? 

Will you be accepting fees or other payments? Check out our Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices: Accepting Payments to help get you prepared to take payments from your members. Some key highlights:

  • Have highly visible contact information.
  • Have a clear refund policy available and visible to your members.
  • Be prepared for how to handle possible payment disputes.

Once you feel ready, you can quickly and easily collect fees from your members a couple of different ways:

This next step is important - once you have set up your preferred way of collecting payments, you'll need to Connect Your Payment Deposit Account.

Ready to add your members to TeamSnap? 

There are four ways to add members to your organization in TeamSnap:

Once you have added members you can share the Welcome Guide for Members and Contacts with them.

Tip: Want to learn more about member types and different roles? Check out our help article on the different member types available within TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues.

Ready to schedule? 

You'll want to have a good understanding of your organization's needs, the way in which you will be creating the schedule, how it should be managed on an ongoing basis, as well as what will work best for you when the season ends and you need to get the next one started. How is your schedule generated? Do you receive a schedule from a governing body, league or other admin within your organization? Or do you let your coaches create the schedules for their teams on their own?

You will need to add some prerequisite information for a successful schedule setup:

Once the locations and any needed opponents have been set up, you can proceed with your schedule creation.

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Support Contact Options

Is something not working right in your TeamSnap account? Stuck somewhere and not sure what to do next? We have a dedicated team for that!

Our customer support team is here to help. You can reach them via the Help button in the bottom right corner of the screen when logged into TeamSnap, or when viewing the help center.

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Common Questions

How do I invite everyone to join?

If you are utilizing the registration component, players will be automatically added to your account through the registration cycle. There is no need to invite players or add them manually into the system.

If you are importing players and members into your account through a CSV, to invite them to join all at once simply go to your Members tab and select a member with a Manage Invites tag on their name, invite them to join and then check the box to ‘invite all members who have not yet accepted their invitations.

I have existing TeamSnap teams I want to add to my sports organization/club account, how do I do this?

Email your customer success manager indicating that you need to transfer teams into the account. They’ll work behind the scenes to get you a team transfer form and have those teams moved into the account.

What happens if I created a team and want another team merged with the one I created?

Teams that are transferred into your account will not merge with existing teams there, even if they are the same team. You’ll need to decide which team you plan to use going forward and retire the other team.

How do I add another administrator to the account?

You’ll need to create and assign their role under the Staff tab.

Why do you need my Social Security Number or Social Insurance Number (SIN) for setting up my deposit account?

We’re pretty playful here at TeamSnap, but moving money is a serious matter. In our role of distributing money to individuals, we have a responsibility to validate the identity of the recipients of that money. Your social security number helps us to do just that. For all Canadian customers, we require a social insurance number for identification to confirm that you are a representative of the business for which you are filing the application. Your SIN is not retained in our system and is used for verification purposes only.

Do I need to add parents to the account separately?

Parents can be added as contacts to a player’s account through registration or importing your member’s via CSV provided they are listed as Parent 1 and Parent 2. They do not need their own profile in the system unless they require manager or commissioner access. You can also manually add family or other contacts under the main roster profile for a member so that they can receive communications. Check out our help article to learn more: Add Family or Contacts to a Profile

I want to get my coaches and managers trained on TeamSnap, how do I do this?

You can direct coaches to our Welcome Guide for Team Admins and parents to our Welcome Guide for Members & Contacts.