TeamSnap for Teams: Administrator guide to getting started

Welcome to TeamSnap! This handy guide is available to team administrators (team owner or managers) for learning helpful tips and how-tos to get you started with TeamSnap.

Not sure if this guide is for you? Team administrators include the team owner (the account that owns an independent team in TeamSnap or has been designated as the team owner by an organization administrator for a TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues account), along with any members that the team owner or an org administrator has granted team manager privileges to.

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Manager? Accept Your Invite

Independent team owners do not need to accept an invitation since the team is typically set up by the team owner. Team managers will first need to have an invitation from the team owner or an organization administrator(if applicable). Invitations for existing TeamSnap users may be auto-accepted in many cases. Check out the article Accepting a TeamSnap Invitation to learn more about when invitations are auto-accepted, and how to accept invitations via email if needed.

*Spoiler alert*: It will be automatically accepted if you already have an account, and if you don't have an account, you create one!

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Download the Mobile App

The only thing better than TeamSnap is TeamSnap in your pocket wherever you go! Download our free app for iOS or Android, log in with your new username and password, and feel the power!

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Get to Know Your Dashboard

Once you’ve been added to your organization in TeamSnap, you’ll log in and access your TeamSnap dashboard. This is where you access and manage your account information and all the teams you are affiliated with.

If you are an administrator for a sports organization in TeamSnap, you will see the organization displayed in the My Clubs & Leagues section, otherwise you can disregard that section.

The My Teams section of your TeamSnap dashboard will display any teams that a roster profile associated with your account has been assigned to. Any and all information about your team, schedule, messaging and more will managed through the team site. Access your team site by clicking your name below the team name in this section to access the desired team site.

You'll land on the Home tab, which provides some overview information for your team. From there, you can access the rest of your site features by clicking on the desired tab. 

Here's a quick rundown of each tab's purpose:

Roster: This is where you will manage your team roster and can view member details.

Schedule: This is where you will manage your team schedule.

Availability: This tab is where you can view and manage your team's availability for scheduled events.

Tracking: The tracking tab is where you can create members items to track.

Statistics: This is where you can load or create statistics to track your team members with.

Assignments: This tab is where you can create assigned items for members or voluntary items that any member can assign themselves to. Members are also able to create items here.

Media: This is where anyone on the team can upload photos, video, or other files to be shared across the team.

Team Store: This tab is where you have the option to create a team store.

Preferences: This is where you can manage your personal notification preferences.

Settings: This tab houses all your team site settings, site preferences, and the ability to manage visible tabs, custom roster fields, and manage your team season.

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Quick Start Checklist

✔ Ready to customize your team settings?

Team administrators should check the team settings under the Manager tab to customize details such as the specifying the selected sport or uniform information, uploading a team photo, and more! Certain team settings are only available to teams on our Premium or Ultra plans. Learn more about changing team settings.

✔ Ready to bring on your staff? (team owners only)

Team owners can add and invite additional members and grant them administrative permissions to designate them as administrators (aka team managers). Team managers can also be designated as non-players.

Add a manager to your team

✔ Ready to create your roster and invite your team?

Members can be added to your team manually, by importing a CSV file, or via registration for teams that are part of a TeamSnap sports organization account. 

Note: You may skip this section if your team is part of a TeamSnap sports organization account that is utilizing registration unless otherwise directed by your organization, since team members will be added via registration and assigned to your team by organization administrators.

Teams have four member types: Team Owner, Manager, Player, and Non-Player. 

TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues accounts have two additional member types: Organization Owner and Commissioners. 

Learn more about member types and roles

Manually Add Roster Members

Importing Roster Members

✔ Ready to accept payments?

Be sure to check out Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices: Accepting Payments to help ensure you are prepared to take payments from your members. Some key highlights:

  • Have highly visible contact information.
  • Have a clear refund policy published and visible to your members.
  • Be prepared for how to handle possible payment disputes (aka chargebacks).

Once you feel ready, you can quickly and easily collect fees from your members:

Creating Invoices

Once you have set up your preferred way of collecting payments, you'll need to enable deposits:

Setting Up Your Payment Deposit Account

✔ Ready to create your schedule?

TeamSnap sports organization teams may have their scheduling handled at the club or league level by organization administrators, in which case you don't need to worry about it unless otherwise instructed by the organization. Independent and sports organization teams handling their own scheduling can create their schedule items manually or by importing a CSV file.

Manually Add Games and Events

Importing Games and Events

✔ Ready to start tracking availability?

Team administrators can set team-wide availability preferences under the Availability tab. You can also set a default availability for the whole team and send availability reminders

✔ Ready to set up your team store?

Did you know that you can set up a store for your team within TeamSnap? Well you can! Tada!

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Planning Ahead: Season Management

It's important to be aware of why and how to manage your seasons no matter what stage of the season your team is in. Sports organization account teams may not need to deal with archiving since it can be managed at the division or organization level by a higher-level administrator.

Our recommendation is always to archive your season once it ends. All team administrators should understand what, if any, information from the season needs to be copied to the new season, and how archiving works. 

Archiving saves your season data as an archived copy and creates a fresh, blank season for you to work with. Archived season(s) can be accessed with limited functionality, and maintain the ability to send out messages. Learn more about team season archiving.

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Support Contact Options

Stuck somewhere and not sure what to do next? Is something not working right in your TeamSnap account? We have a dedicated team for you! Our support team is here to help via the help button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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Common Questions

How do we add family members or contacts to a member profile?

You can add family or other contacts under the main roster profile for a member so that they can receive team communications. You can also invite them to join the team so they can access and view team info like schedule, availability, etc. Check out our help article to learn more: Add Family or Contacts to a Profile

What features are included with my team plan?

TeamSnap offers several different plans to meet your needs. Some of our features are only available with a paid plan. You can see each of the plan options we offer, as well as what features are included with each on our Team Plans and Pricing page.

Can I have multiple teams on the same plan?

TeamSnap plans support a single team per plan. This allows you to select the plan that works best for each team's needs. When you add a new team, you will be taken to the plans and pricing page to select the plan that will work best for your new team, and the free plan is always available.

Do non-players count towards the team roster limit?

Yes, all members including both players and non-players added to the roster count toward the total roster member count.

Can I select members to invite to specific games or events?

Currently there is no functionality to support choosing members to invite to schedule games and events. The automatic schedule update emails and game and event notifications go to all members who have their roster email enabled for team communication. Since team rosters only support one roster per team, if you need to communicate or schedule portions of your roster separately, we recommend creating a separate team on its own plan for each roster group.

How can I tell who has access?

When you view the roster from the roster tab online, you will see a checkmark by the player's name. This means at least one person from their list of emails has accepted their invitation. Learn more about invites with All About the Invitation Process

To view player contacts and see which contact invitations are still pending, click the player's name. Contacts with a Resend Invite button next to their email have not accepted their invitation yet. If an invitee has expressed that they cannot locate their invitation, you can resend it by clicking the Resend Invite button. Invitees who aren't able to locate their email invitation may also need to troubleshoot email issues

Mobile app

A small orange triangle will appear next to the email address for members that have a pending invitation or have not yet been invited to the team.

Managers can resend the invite from the mobile app by editing and re-saving the player's profile.

  1. Click Edit (iOS) or the pencil icon (Android)
  2. Chose Save (iOS) or the √ (Android)

The invitation will be resent!

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