Availability Tab Has No Scheduled Items Listed

Only future games and events will show on the Availability tab unless you adjust a setting on the Availability Preferences tab. To adjust the setting so that you can view past events, from the browser version of TeamSnap (not the app) go to Availability tab> Availability Preferences.  

From the Availability Preferences pop-up, you can adjust the setting to Show past availability.

If there is a missing game or event from your Availability tab, check the game/event on the Schedule tab to make sure that it is marked to show on the tab.  To check, follow these steps:

  • Log on through the browser version of TeamSnap (not the app)
  • Schedule tab 
  • Click on the missing game/event 
  • Edit 
  • Make sure that the Availability: box is checked 
  • √Save the setting

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