Set Up Guide for Sports Org Admins

Ready to get your TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues account set up and running? Watch the quick video series below and follow the recommended steps below the video player to get comfortable with all our great features!


  1. Set Account Settings and Set League Site Settings
  2. Collect Payments
  3. Bring on Your Staff
  4. Organize Your Teams
  5. Sign Up Members
  6. Schedule Your Season

Quick Start Questions

Is your organization made up of smaller groups that you would like to target communications to, or do you have overlapping seasons?

Yes — consider organizing your teams or groups into divisions and/or subdivisions. This will allow you to easily send emails to those teams/groups, as well as assign a commissioner to manage just a specific division/subdivision. You can also create your seasons by division to allow you to archive the outgoing season division as it ends while allowing the current season division to continue.

No — simply create your teams/groups at the main league level.

Will you need to add members with administrative permissions within the club/league organization either overall or over specific groups?

Yes — set these folks up as commissioners within your organization. They can be a commissioner at the club/league level or for just a division/subdivision.

No — if only the league owner will have control, then there is no need to add other commissioners

Will your teams need to have assigned team owners?

Yes — the team owner will be the person from whom the automated emails for the team will be sent. Once teams are established and team members have joined, you can assign the team owner under the Division tab in your organization's site.

No — the team owner will then default to the league owner.  All automated team communications (i.e., automated reminders) will be sent with the name of the league owner on them

Note:  Unsure about who will need what permissions? Check out our help article on the different member types available within TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues.

Do you have participants sign up using registration?

Yes — you will not need to invite these members to your teams. You can simply assign them to the team/group that they will belong to once registration is over. Once they have been assigned to a team, they will be able to log into TeamSnap and see their team.

No — you will need to add your team members manually or via file import, assign them to the team/group that they will belong to, and send an invitation for them to join.

Will you be scheduling all games and events from the league/club level?

Yes — any games/events added at the club/league level will be automatically viewable by each team on their team Schedule tab. Locations can be added once at the league level and will be available to be used by all teams within your organization. If you enter games at the league level, game results will need to be entered by a commissioner.

No — each team will be responsible for updating their own schedule.

Do you want settings to be standard across the league?

Yes — on the Settings tab of your League/Club admin area, you will want to enable League Controlled Settings, which will allow you to set many of the settings across your league, including logos, site prefs, tab visibility, etc.

No — enable Team Controlled Settings to allow the team administrators to manage preferences, tabs, etc they would like for their team site.

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